Let’s look at another remedy that should be in every home kit: Hypericum perforatum.

For parents with children – this remedy is very helpful in easing your child’s pain when they get a finger caught in a door or drawer. Excellent for trauma to nerves. Can also be used with great result post-surgically.

Let’s look at what the master E.B. Nash wrote about the remedy: ¬† “Hypericum is the remedy “p ar excellence” for wounded or injured nerves; from simple punctures from nails, splinters, pins, rat bites, etc., to severe concussions of the spine and brain, and especially to parts rich in centient nerves.

It is to this kind of injuries what Arnica, Hamamelis, Ruta, etc., are to bruises, and Calendula to lacerated muscular tissue, and Staphisagria to cuts with sharp instruments.”

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