Delta-8 Pink Paradise Gummies – 750mg Smooth out your vibe 750mg Delta-8 THC Total 25mg Delta-8 THC/serving 30 count



What it is: A 30-count jar of Cannabis Life’s Pink Paradise Delta-8 THC gummies. Each gummy delivers sweet, tart flavor and that beautiful chill that only Delta-8 can bring.
Why it’s special
Each gummy offers 25mg of Delta-8 THC
With a fruit flavor that’s a delicious blend of sweet & a little bit tart, you will love these gummies!
Great to share with friends
Lab tested & certified for quality
Great way to unwind any day of the week
The Basics
US-farmed hempUS-farmed hemp
Gluten free & VeganGluten free & Vegan
With terpenesWith terpenes